Free youth group Bible studies, sermon series, lessons, and talk outlines for any student ministry or worship service.




Prayer Experience

A 4 station prayer experience


Wii > Mii Series

A 4 week series on why we is greater than me!

Backwards Life Study

28 Small Group Lessons packed with extras and games from Campus Life.




13 Lies Youth Believe

13 Interesting lies that we've all heard and scriptures to refute them.

     *from Todd Smith

2 Timothy Bible Study Guide

A study guide with a number of Bible study lessons walking through 2 Timothy.

     *from Living Truth

4 Gospels in Parallel

Compares the different accounts of the gospels side by side.

5 Keys to Teaching Kids Healthy Sexuality

Great thoughts from Jim Burns and Homeword.


5 Free Devotions on Holiness

Great little devotions for individuals or group study

     *from Youth Ministry 360

1 John - 10 Part Series

Really great series on growing towards Christ.

1 Timothy Booklet

Packed with devotionals and ideas through 1 Timothy

     *from Mars Hill Church

16 Fundamental Truths

A 16 lesson series covering the fundamental truths of Christianity.

     *from Ken Davidson

16 Ready to go Youth Group Meetings

Full meetings for you to adapt on basic Christianity

     *from Trazy Richter

30 Mission Trip Devotionals

Appropriate for anything really, not just mission trips.

     *from Voice and Hands

31 Day Challenge

A creative way to put scripture into practice in your life.

     *from Tony Myles

40 Icebreakers for Small Groups 

A 61 page book with a bunch of ideas for small groups.

     *from Grahame Knox

48 Prayer Activities

Tons of ways to incorporate prayer into your youth time.

5 Minutes With God

A brief adaptable guide for your students daily quite time.


A study on the Lord's prayer and the acronym A.C.T.S.

A Power Packed Prayer Life

Take your students into a new realm in the prayer life.

All In Every Day Small Group Curriculum

15 Weeks of Awesome Small group lessons on going all in for God with lots of extras!

     *from Youth for Christ

Avalanche: Unstoppable Leadership

A huge 2 session leadership course, student & adult guides.

     *from LeaderTreks


A 21 day devotional of prayer and fasting.

     *from Fair Haven Ministries

Balanced Life Small Group Curriculum 

15 Small Group Lessons packed with extras and games from Campus Life.

     *from Campus Life


Are you headed towards God or away from God?

Backwards Life Small Group Curriculum 

28 Small Group Lessons packed with extras and games from Campus Life.

     *from Campus Life

Basic Training - 5 Part Series

5 lessons on the basics of following Christ.

Beat the Addiction

11 Steps to conquering pornography addiction.

Bible History and Geneology

This is a Bible history chart I made from Adam to Jesus.

Bible Sermon Series Calendar

A full year of sermon ideas including series, scripture, title, and big idea.

     *from Marketing Matters

Bringing Others to Christ

Teach students to actively lead others to Christ.

     *from Russell Bowlin

Broken Vessel

Be broken before Christ so that we will give him all.

Broken Will: My Will of Thy Will?

How to have a broken will in order to follow God's will

Bullying - 6 Bible Studies

6 studies on Biblical characters that were bullied.

Camp Disciple Experiment 

A full plan for a 6 day camp or compress it for a retreat.

Campus Prayer Walking Guide

A guide for 4 groups to prayer walk your school.

     *from Paul Turner

Carrying Our Friends

We need to be carrying our friends to Christ.

Check Your Pulse

A 5 week study

     *from Chris Coker

Church as it Should Be

An outline, transcript, and PowerPoint.


Colossians - 8 Part Series

8 topics walking through the book of Colossians.

     *from Nigel Vaux

Cornelius and the Amazing Expanding Church

This is the moment that changed the church forever.

Corporate Disciplines - A 13 Week Study

With Handouts, Powerpoints, and Bible studies

Create Your Own Psalm

A neat activity for youth to write their own Psalm to God.


Creative Bible Study Methods for Leaders

A 60 page book with ideas, activities, and tips Leaders.

     *from Grahame Knox

Crime Scenes From the Bible

8 crime scene Bible studies

     *from Paul Turner

Crucified with Christ

What does this really mean to you?

Daniel: Stand Firm

A stand lone message based on Daneil to challenge and equip your student to stand firm in the face of peer pressure


A 5 study series on David with an introduction!

Description of a Disciplined Student

Are you students really disciples of Christ?


Disciplines Survey

Use this survey to see where you stand in spiritual discipline.


Use dominos to help you focus on God.

Don't Get Married Until

A good message on following God and dating.

Eat This Bible Reading Pan

A Bible reading plan and devotional through each book of the New Testament.

Evangelism for My Life - 5 Part Series

5 sessions focused on evangelism with lots of resources.

Every Young Man's Battle - 6 Week Series

6 really good studies based on the book.

     *from Doug Combs

Escape the Trap

An 18 page book on dealing with pornography

     *from Literature Ministries Int.

ESV Bible Reading Plan

Read through the Bible

Everything Changed Christmas Message

A message for Christmas that shows how the coming of Christ changed everything!

Fears Bible Study

Helping students get past their fears from Joshua 1.

     *from PW Emerson

Faith Works - 9 week Small Group Series

9 weeks on what Faith looks like in action.

     *from David Platt, Church at Brook Hills

Fasting Survey

Introduce your students to fasting and help them plan one.

Fix Me

A new spin on the Coldplay song.

God, What's Your Status - A 21 Day Facebook Devotional

Really creative and relevant devotional for students

     *from Paul Turner

Good News of Great Joy

A daily advent reading great for personal or group use by John Piper.

     *from Desiring God

Good Start, Bad Finish

Help your students finish the race!

     *from Nick Jackson

Gospel Presentation Cards

A neat handout that can be used to visually share the gospel with students.

Guy Meets Girl Sermon Pack

Relationships, sex, and dating with discussion questions.

     *from Jeanne Moya

Guy Talk - Girl Talk

2 hard hitting studies designed for gender specific audiences.


Habakkuk - 3 Part Series

Questioning, Trusting, and Worshiping God

     *from Heath Tibbetts

Help Wanted

A 4 part series on Noah

Holy Spirit Booklet

Great little booklet on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

     *from Winfield Bevins

Homosexuality: A Christian Response

A study on what the Biblical perspective is.

Hot Topics - 6 week series

Tackling doubt, parents, homosexuality, suicide and more.

How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have

How to still have deep relationships. With tons of extras.

     *from Jeanne Moya

How Not to Be a Fool

A Bible study, drama, game, and PowerPoint.


How To Have a Meaningful Quiet Time

A great starting point to adapt into a handout for your student ministry.

     *from Park Community Church

How to Read Your Bible - 2 Week Series

Help your students study the Bible. Lots of resources here.

     *from Firehouse Ministries

How to Study The Bible - 4 Part Study

Introduction, Application, Interpretation, and Observation

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Human Bingo Mixer 

Great way to get kids mixing to start your bible study or group.

If You Really Knew God

10 week Bible Study series on what it looks like in your life to know God.

     *from Campus Life

Incline My Heart to Your Word

Love the Word of God like David in Psalm 119.

Intimacy With Jesus

Discover a new level of intimacy in your walk with Christ.

Inward Disciplines - A 10 Week Study

With Handouts, Powerpoints, and Bible studies

Issues and Answers E-book

An 300 page E-book covering a ton of issues. Could be a great sermon series!

      *from Richard Boyce

Issues and Answers

Bible Studies based on 50 hot topics for teens! Get it!

James - 9 Part Series

Small group studies for the book of James

      *from Nigel Vaux

Joseph: A Model for Integriy

A look into the character of Joseph

      *from Matt McGill

Learning From the Master

A study on Jesus from birth, and a sample prayer journal.


Life of Praise

A study on true worship from Romans 12:1

Life Hurts, God Heals

A study with handouts for students and youth workers

      *from Megan Hutchinson

Life of Pi Gospel

A great gospel presentation designed to follow a "Life of Pi" movie event.

Life Together - A 6 Part Series

6 Bible studies to strengthen fellowship and community.


Life's Road Trip

Let God take control of your journey, a 4 part series.

      *from Jonathan Kelly

Love Story - A 4 Week Series on Ruth

Handouts and small group study guides.

      *from David Platt, Church at Brook Hills

Love the Word

A study on falling in love with the Bible

Memory Verse Worksheet

A PDF and Excel template for recording memory verses

My Heart His Home

A handout for a study around giving God your whole life.

My Secret

4 Studies on secret sins with small group guides

No Turning Back

A study on Lot's wife turning to salt.


Not Even a Hint

A Bible study and lust survey based on Josh Harris' book.

Object Lessons Database

A huge archive of object lessons to drive home a point

      *from Tim Schmoyer

Parents of Teens

14 weeks of small group lessons for parents including special events and extras.

      *from Youth For Christ

Pauls' Guide to Top Shot Faith

An 8 week series

      *from Paul Turner

The Plan for Sexual Purity

A nice, simple, but great outline for a message on keeping your body pure.

      *from Darin McLaughlin

Planting Seeds of Generosity

Teach your students the blessing of sharing and giving.

      *from Vincent Silmon


A study on the post-modern world with PowerPoint.

      *from Brett

Porn Again Christian

An absolute must E-book from Mark Driscoll.

      *from Mars Hill Church

Prayer - It's Consistent

A Bible study on how prayer should be a consistent thing.

Prayer Experience

A 4 station prayer experience.

Prayer Stations

A variety of prayer stations to use in worship.


What's your youth group's purpose?

Quiet Time - How it Works

Get help setting up your quiet time plan

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Raising the Bar

Study and survey on where your students standards are. Also a powerpoint on my students answers... suprising.

Relationships Series

A 4 part bible study series on friendships, dating, sex, and marriage.

Religion vs. Gospel

Interesting handout compares religion and the gospel

     *from Tim Keller

Revelation Studies

23 Bible Studies over Revelation with handouts!

     *from Barry Holbrook

Rooted to the New Testament

An introduction to the teaching of the New Testament


Sanctuary, Sanctuary

Treating the House of God with respect.

Secret Sins

Leader notes, student notes, and handouts!

      *from Dan Gould

Seeker Series

13 lessons on basics for seekers. Tons of stuff to use.

Sermon Illustration Archive

A 54 page archive of sermon illustrations sorted by category.

      *from Todd Smith

Sermon Quotes E-book

53 pages of great quotes for using in sermons and bible studies

      *from Sermon Quotes

Servant Leadership Challenge

Powerful interactive message that challenges students to step up and be servant leaders.

Shame and Regret

A very insightful study on shame from Psalm 51

      *from Chuck Bomar

Share Jesus Without Fear

An abbreviated study and handout based on the great book.

Simply Jesus Curriculum

This great series of 31 study lessons is designed for a small group and give you tons of stuff!

      *from Youth For Christ

Stop Dating the Church

A 3 study series based on Josh Harris' book.

Spiritual Anatomy Series

A 4 study series on the eyes, heart, mind, and tongue

      *from Gregg Farrah

Spiritual Dryness Questions

10 questions to ask when your spiritual life is dull and dry.

      *from Tim Schmoyer

Spiritual Health Assesment

Take a a quick survey of where you are at or lead your students through it together.

      *from LeaderTreks

Sticky Faith Sample Lesson

A great lesson from Sticky Faith about imagining your life after High School.

      *from Kara Powell & Brad Griffin

The Story - A Small Group Series

31 awesome lessons walking through the whole Bible

      *from Zondervan


An in depth 3 session series. 27 pages!

      *from Paul Turner

Suicide: There is Hope

How do Christians respond to suicide?


5 small group studies on spiritual disciplines with lots of resources

      *from Paul Turner

The Discipline of Meditation

Use this for a great event about Christian meditation.

The Donkey

A short story from the eyes of the donkey carrying Jesus

The Intimacy of Abiding

Abide with Christ

The Invisible World

A 4 part study on Angels, Satan, Heaven, & Hell. 25 pages!

      *from Chuck Bomar

The Great Pretenders

How real are you with Christ?

The Hunger and Thirst Games

A 4 week event with bible studies and a contest

      *from Paul Turner

The Old Testament Experience

A 7 week series over 7 Old Testament characters.

The Potter's Freedom

The Sovereignty of God study, quiz, and PowerPoint.

The Purity Code

A six part series on purity

      *from Home Word

The Remedy for Pain and Fear Study

A Bible Study on the unconditional love of God.

The Seven C's

"The Seven C's of History"


The Ultimate Sacrifice

A Bible study on Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son.

The Unbelievable Christmas - A 4 Part Series

The unbelievable fact of Christ coming to earth.

      *from Dan Gould

Thinking Higher - 7 Part Series

Answers tough questions about Christianity as compared to other religions.

This is a Test

Life is just a test.

Timeline of Bible Translation History

An overview of how we got the Bible we have today.

Today's Youth Ministry

A talk on my perspective of youth ministry in today's world.

Tongue Tied Bible Study

Great study on the power of the tongue from James, includes a PPT.

      *from Tim Schmoyer

Transformation - A 2 Week Series

Transforming our mind and our heart into God's will.

      *from Dan Gould

Trees - 3 Object Lesson Bible Studies

Great bible lessons on trees, grafting, and pruning.

Twilight - Ruth Series

A 4 week series on the book of Ruth.


Understanding Your Teenager

A great study to go through with parents.

Unquenchable - 3 Session Worship Series

3 Bible studies inlcuding backgrounds and PowerPoints.

      *from Jason Curlee

Wake Up - a 21 Day Devotional Series

21 great devotions to get your students' soul energized


We, You, I Small Group Curriculum

30 weeks of small group curriculum about community, the gospel, and following Christ.

      *from Campus Life

Welcome to the Family

A 6 week small group curriculum designed for new believers.

      *from Youth For Christ

What's That Smell?

Are we the aroma of Christ to others?

      *from Dan Schmoyer

Whose Patient Are You?

You are either under God's leadership or Satan's.

When People Meet Jesus

A study on the paralytic including a PowerPoint.


Wii > Mii Bible Study Series

A 4 week series on why we is greater than me!

      *from Dustin Wilson







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