Name That Super Hero

Guess the super hero based off of miniature icons.


Snow Quiz

Trivia about all things snow.


Famous Dinners

  Weird and random trivia about famous meals.



10,000 Point Pyramid (75kb)

Setup just like the classic game. Get your teammate to guess the word.

     *from Avery Krouse

4-3-2 (5.28mb)

Name 4, 3, or 2 of something.

All About Pizza (212kb)

Crazy pizza trivia that no one in their right mind should know.

      *from Travis Thrower

All Greek to Me (264kb)

Trivia about the Greek language. Could be a good intro to a word study.

All Things New (376kb)

Trivia that have to do with all things new

Band Literalism (1.98mb)

Guess that band based on literal pictures of their names!

Battle of the Beverages (6.5mb)

See how well your kids know their drinks!

Before and After (85kb)

Name the Bible book that comes before and after.

BC/AD? (331kb)

Before or after the time of Christ?

      *from Lynn Ault

Bible Child Challenge (792kb)

4 Clues... name that Bible child!

Bible Mad Gab (495kb)

Bye Pull Matt Grab

Bible Mad Gab 2 (495kb)

Bible Quiz - Accidents (78kb)

Some tougher trivia about accidents and injuries in the Bible.

      *from Ken Smith

Bible Trivia (583kb)

How much Bible trivia do you know?

      *from Andy Miller

Bible Trivia 2 (533kb)

      *from Andy Miller

Bible Whodunit (123kb)

Solve these Bible crimes!

      *from David Smith

Braniacs (2.13mb)

Trivia about some very smart people in history.

      *from Danny Payne

Bumper Stumper  (847kb)

Decode these vanity license plates.

Calculated Words (620kb)

Remember all those words you could spell by turning a

calculator upside down?

Can You Name? (123kb)

How many items can you name?

      *from Lynn Ault

Celebrity Yearbook (2.52mb)

Name that celebrities high school photo!

Chocoquiz (9.68mb)

See how much your students know about chocolate. Make sure to have some chocolate for prizes!

Christmas Quiz (468kb)

How much do you know about Christmas?

      *from Danny Payne

Close Up (8.47mb)

Guess what these close ups are pictures of.

Close Up 2 (9.76mb)

Do You Know Christmas? (878kb)

It's Christmas trivia time!

Do You Know Christmas 2 (887kb)

Do You Know Christmas 3 (906kb)

Dumb Crooks (790kb)

Take a guess at what happened to these dumb criminals.

Dynamic Duos (4.20mb)

Name the famous partners.

Facebook Zoom Game Template (455kb)

Download your youth's pictures from facebook and pop them in to see if they can guess!

      *from Chad Swanzy

Fact or Fiction (730kb)

Trivia Game using National Enquirer headlines!

      *from Brian Carlson

Family Feud PowerPoint Template (7.37mb)

An incredibly detailed editable powerpoint. Awesome!

      *from Robin Song

Famous Mouths (1.46mb)

You'll be surprised how well students know celebrities mouths.

Famous Mouths 2 (17.2mb)

Famous Servants (911kb)

Great to open a talk on servanthood


Fahrenheit (1.03mb)

All about heat!

      *from Jim Clark

Famous Dinners (8.24mb)

Weird and random trivia about famous meals

      *from Simply Youth Ministry

Focus (8.49mb)

How well can you focus on the details of a picture?

Google It (1.48mb)

Random fun facts about searching on Google. Good intro for searching the scripture.

      *from Nick Pringle

Guess What (246kb)

Clues give you hints to random objects.

Head Scratchers (734kb)

Unbelievable trivia that makes you say, "Are you kidding me?"

Heart Trivia (234kb)

Trivia that gets to the heart of the matter

Hipster or Homeless (12.1mb)

It's a very fine line... can you tell the difference!

Impossible Questions (1.07mb)

No one in their right mind should know these.

Invisibles (291kb)

Guess the movie with screenshots of the characters turned invisible

Invisibles 2 (261kb)

Invisibles 3 (268kb)

Invisibles 4 (174kb)

Invisibles 5 (198kb)

Invisibles 6 (274kb)

Invisibles 7 (246kb)

Invisibles 8 (253kb)

Invisibles 9 (365kb)

Invisibles 10 (450kb)

Invisibles 11 (379kb)

Invisibles 12 (311kb)

Invisibles 13 (362kb)

Invisibles 14 (1.99mb)

Invisibles 15 (2.0mb)

I.Q. Test (315kb)

Test your smarts?

Is it Legal? (1.48mb)

Get to know some silly silly laws?

Just Browsing (1.95mb)

Which websites get the most hits per month?

Keep on Truckin (2.99mb)

How well do you know trucker slang?

Know Your Fruits! (727kb)

Great to open a "Fruit of the Spirit" talk.

      *from Bill Clark

Lost Quiz (1.82mb)

All these answers have to do with something lost


Lost in Translation (1.27mb)

How well do you know spanish?

Mad Gab (77kb)

Just plain Mad Gab

Mad Gab 2 (192kb)

Another great Mad Gab game

      *from Danny Payne

Mad Gab Clues

A word document filled with Mad Gab clues to make your own game with!

MLB Pop Quiz (1.31mb)

How well do you baseball teams?

Money, Money, Money (1.15mb)

How much do you know about money?

Movie Quotes (2.23mb)

The audio clips won't be in the powerpoint, you'll have to add your own, this gives a template to use though.

Name that Animal (2.17mb)

A close ups game with animals.

Name that Carol (530kb)

Christmas Carols disguised behind big words.

Name that Candy Bar (331kb)

Do you know what the inside of candy bars look like?

Name that Fear (507kb)

Do you know your fears?

      *from Andy Miller

Name that Fruit or Veggie (8.03mb)

There are some strange fruits and veggies out there!

Name that Movie Studio (3.94mb)

How well do you know movie studio logos?

Name that Super Hero (10mb)

Guess the super hero based off of miniature icons.

Old Wives Tales (107kb)

Trivia about the stupid things people believe. Good intro for a study on lies we believe.

Phobias (1.18mb)

Guess what crazy phobias these are.


Pick One (45kb)

The game of personal favorites

      *from Lynn Ault

Pixelebrity (3.64mb)

Take a stab at really pixelly pictures of celebrities

Power (2.24mb)

Who has got the power?


Rockin to the Tube (2.92mb)

The audio clips won't be in the powerpoint, you'll have to add

your own, this gives a template to use though.

Say What (854kb)

Guess the animal by their sound.

Space Wars (265kb)

It's a space knowledge battle to the death!

      *from Jecoliah Harris

Scattegories (441kb)

Just like the board game.

Snow Quiz (1.53mb)

Trivia about all things snow.

Stupid Predictions (682kb)

You won't believe what these people actually predicted.

Test Your Wits (161kb)

1 P F Y T = 1 Penny For Your Thoughts

Thanksgiving Word Jumble (494kb)

Unscramble these Thanksgiving words

      *from Nick Kmoch

The Beard Game (2.35mb)

The greatest beard trivia game in the history of the world!

      *from Ben Halsch

The World's Longest (262kb)

Guinness Records for the world's longest...

Think Fast (362kb)

First letter, last letter, give me a word!

Three in One (783kb)

Three animals morphed into one, name them!

Three in One 2 (1.12mb)

Three in One 3 (934kb)

TV Families (978kb)

How well do you know TV Families?

      *from Dave Mozealous

Weird and Wild Stuff (386kb)

Wacky trivia stuff!

      *from Andy Miller

What's My Name (61kb)

Names of famous people to teach on the names of God

      *from Lynn Ault

Would You Rather (451kb)

We all love these questions, now it's a game!

You Think You're a Loser? (461kb)

Trivia about some famous failures.

You Think You're a Loser 2 (440kb)







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